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Groups classes of all sizes and formats, to discover valuable frameworks


Become a member and unlock full access

Private Lessons

1 hour sessions for extra support with your learning process

Lesson Packages

I thrive to make dance learning a commitment on your future schedule

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If this is your first time with me or you never has meet me in person, I want to make sure you know with a few words, that I have been thinking about this for years. And everything I offer, is here for you to learn how to dance and change your life, while having fun and grow the social dancer within

Dance & Business Communities

Get connected with other people who are learning with me too


Parties I organize with members everywhere and few times a month


QueWedta has always been about this idea of learning and teaching, giving and receiving, the individual and the community around. The focus is to create for learners: frameworks, a community and tools, that support the learning process with love and fun

For Organizations

Group classes for employees' break times or for all participants at the events you organize

For Small Businesses

Sharing resources and supporting your promotions

Parties & Weddings

Choreographies for couples & rush-lessons for family members and friends

Studios & Dance Orgs

Marketing development and supporting your promotions


Lets us help you exploring your dance fashion style, while discovering your social dancer identity, from QueWedta woredrove selections 

Fashion Rail

Developing Brand 

Open to consider your brand in our QueWedta store

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