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Only $85

Your membership officially starts on the 1st*

but you start enjoying benefits today!

Book your first consultation meeting

Yeeeeeeess! Our business membership gives you right away at least** TWO hours of private phone calls and/or in-person meetings at your business space. What?!!? Yooo that's a $200 worth of business consultation for more than a 50% discount right there and it gets better?!- what a deal! After today's payment you will receive a booking invitation - simple like that - so exciting!


Start learning with online videos in 24 hrs

Yeeeeeeess! Our membership gives you access to instant & ready to learn video content for entrepeneurs through our QueWedta Dancing mobile app and our website. The very same tool I have develop as an business owner for my own dance academy project, which you can sample of course, will help you on your path to learn the entrepreneur way. Also, weekly video lessons will be delivered via email only to our members. Wait what?!! All that $2590 combined value video content for $FREE right there?!! Yesss, and it gets better as we develop our entrepreneurs academy online learning platform. Don't miss out the opportunity - act today!


Many more benefits with you in mind...

  • Operations: Get a set of regular working hours with us included for free with your membership - heck yeah! we want to see you succeed!!

  • Marketing: Social media, local audience or international exposure - oh yeah, just talk to me

  • All time access to unique discounts for our hourly rates, business partnerships and deals? you got it - no kidding!

  • Free access to all our workshops, conferences, beach parties & other public events? Yeap!

  • Cuban food nights for sharing experiences, listen to fine music, maybe dancing and relaxing together with other business owners - delicious ;)

  • Connect with other people already part of our growing entrepeneur community - for sure! 

  • Social networking companion times - FUN!

  • Business events and congresses invitations and some travel expenses covered - we'll talk haha

*First payment for full membership is due today, and a payment of $85 will be deducted from your preferred payment method every month on the 1st. Next month is your first month as an official QW Member and is already cover by today's payment so no payment due next month on the 1st. You can definitely request a change on due dates for the rest of your membership. You can also cancel anytime before becoming official QW Member. After you become officially a member, you can cancel membership only six month from today's date and your membershiop will expire in a year. You will have to apply for a QW Membership renewal every year for a $197 extension fee unless you become a VIP Member by merits. More details about this aspects will be offer during introductory phone call within two days after today's secure deposit is paid.

**We are offering four different membership levels at different prices for 2023 QW Entrepreneur Memberships  starting with today's secure deposit of $85. You can choose later any membership level that best meet your wants and needs. Starting with the basic level at $85 / month all the way to $275. More prices and information will be offered during your introductory phone call.


Let's Get Started

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Sorry! This form no longer accepts submissions since we have reached the max number of membership available at this time. Contact us using the page chat to express your interest and leave your contact info - thank you though!

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