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Bachata Workout

Workout sample. Unmute the video so you can listen and play with full screen to watch more details. The sample contains a summary of all steps covered by the paid version.

Every workout has a goal, and this one has one too. It is a great opportunity to master your bachata basic techniques. Because, when it is about dance, only by repetition you acquire full control of the body movement and you start showing real progress on the dance floor.

Receiving good dance classes or having amazing dance instructors, it is not enough. You need to do your dance workout after all. And here we are to guide you during the workout process with counting, quality commentaries and variety of body movements and steps.

 I started taking bachata classes few years ago, and by now everyone is impressed when they see me dancing on social media or at the club. Best of all, I really enjoy dancing. I smile or laugh all the time, because I am having fun and feel in heaven when dancing by myself, or with a partner or in a group. I even now step in the center of the circle and others cheer me, and start having fun with me while only watching me dance. Most of them believed that I am specially talented or I have it on my veins because my Cuban offspring.

The truth is that I do my dance workouts everyday! Sometimes, up to six times a day, 15 minutes session or even less when I am too busy. Sometimes I told other people that I need a break from what we are doing and it is taking too long, just to go to the other run and do my bachata workout. By now, after several months, my body is showing the results.

Muscle memory has been created and I start to understand how to move better and more beautiful. I can move and be sensual or be fast. I can feel a deep connection with the music. It is all about dance workouts and you can have the same skills. I can guarantee you that! 


Just come along with me on this and experience your progress, and then, experience the joy and the blessing to be a better bachata dancer. Let's get started and start unfolding the amazing bachata dancer you have inside today! 

Bachata Workout

 one time payment give you access for life 

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