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An INVITATION to have a unique and beautiful dance style based on technique and flavor.

Bachata Workouts helps to master the moves by creating the necessary muscle memory and this one, prepares you with the most six basic bachata steps for this dance, all on your OWN.

More Benefits

What you’ll learn or review?

Steps counts, moving the rest of your body, build the necessary muscle memory 

$1.99 one time deal for this video workout. Yes!

And $60 regular price for in person bachata lesson with  workout inlcuded.

Very convenient time wise.


Less than 10 minutes of dance training that fits on onyone's calendars and it can be done literally ANYWHERE.

Exclusive Price Deal

for this bachata training 

with instructor

and bachata dancer

vast experience 

instructor from Cuba

Dawer Perez Canete


Meet Bachata Dancer, 
Instructor & CEO at QueWedta.

Dawer has teached during his life, over 2000 students in different fields, including more that 500 in the dance area through his company QueWedta Learning Services. Many of these students have made successful progress, and moved forward to more advanced learning programs, and most of them have moved from cero to complete suited beginner level dancers in only three months.

More about my experience

Don’t Take Our Word for it…



Pre-Beginner level Bachata student

The first time I talked with Dawer was via Messenger. I asked to be guided while learning bachata and send him a video sample. That same afternoon, I got tips, instructions and a video sample as part of his feedback. I am making noticeable progress and almost ready for the hottest bachata dance floor.

erika & dawer.jpeg


Intermediate level
Bachata & Salsa Dance partner

I already knew how to dance when I met Dawer and started learning with his method. He has helped me to understand different elements of the learning process for dance that I was not aware of before. Now I enjoy learning using video content because I understand and know how to use it. Definitely recommend it.



Upper Beginner level Salsa student

Learning with Dawer has been the best thing that can happen to me. He is very patient and with his new method of learning, we go into the details of the dance movements and then repeat them slowly until I feel they are part of my body. Using his video workouts has helped me to learn and review as I progress.

Students Testimonies

Claim Your Free Membership to our Learning Program

Everyone that buys the class will become a member, get included in our online students mailing list and will receive once a month on their inboxes, a free complimentary Program catalogue summary, with our newest dance workouts to start building toward that vision of shining on the dancing floor! We are expanding our workouts, class and courses catalogue. Besides, many more instructors are already preparing to join our pre-beginner program, expanding the reach of this workout methodology to a more advanced level of learning and more fields.

Active happy adults dancing bachata together in dance class.jpg

$1.99 USD


Bachata Basics Workout. The newest method. Train your body to dance.

Learn. Build your confidence. Have fun!

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What’s the catch?

Why is this so cheap? 

There is not catch!

Although is true that you are getting a 99% discount on the value of the in person session, where we do exactly the same workout for an hour, while mastering the same six bachata moves, our vision is to give access to learn this trendy dance style to everyone in the world at the best price. We believe in a world where more people are happy and healthy, and we know, by our own experience and the experience of our students, that dance makes us happier and healthier! Join the family today, it is a sincere invitation!

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