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Dancing to be healthy & happy!

One of the first ideas that always comes to my mind when I go out to dance is that I'll spend a couple of hours of my week dancing with all the beautiful souls who are coming that night. Some of them are super hot women, others less so, but everyone loves playing the spiced card while dancing, so I do too, and things really get sensual if we catch the peace and connect. I love it. Few minutes of beautiful connections here and there make my soul happier than what I was already feeling!

The other part of the story, the one that I got to speak a lot about, and with me, hundreds of dancers, is about the social and long term beneficial effects of dancing a lot. Any time I decide to dance, I know it means to be out there in the world, similar to hiking the mountain and surfing. For me, going to the dance club is like going to surf the ocean. A lot of physical, mental and emotional effort. You need to suit up with appropriate dancing clothes instead of the wetsuit and have your board with you, in this case the dancing shoes.

Many are the stories in my life that made me super excited about going dancing. Some of them are related to meeting the really hot woman I am dating right now. Others are related to feeling the next day my body fully activated and energized because of the "workout" I got the previous night at the dancing club. Now I don't have differences anymore. Going to dance, or to workout at the gym or going for any of my activities in nature feels all the same to me. Now, I just want to dance and workout in nature all the time!

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