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A tricky mindset

After many years of financial hardship as an immigrant, I think I am getting used to be on that state of being, and today in the morning I had an important realization about this. I wake up thinking about my debts, how much I own, how I am going to reduce my expenses, how to organize the whole picture of it, how I am going to pay it.

Everything was fine. I didn't felt scare or stress, I had my morning routing putting the dishes away, making a little coffee, take a shower, make the bed and get dressed and ready to go. I felt instead a deep optimism in my heart, knowing that I would make it, that I would be able to pay this because there is two important income increases on the horizon: my office is moving me to a full time position, increasing my total hours worked, plus rising my salary;

and Learning with Dawer is starting to pick up as a community class. Two important reasons to see a clear financial future.

Of course, many things can go wrong with this two things, but I have something that I call faith working all the time on my heart. Do you know what I am talking about?

Now, the question is: what are your reasons to be optimistic about your personal finance situation? Is there a chance for you in the future, to see yourself traveling to Cuba and learning more about Salsa and the island culture by just being there, taking class from the best and more traditional instructors?

Make sure that you at least start visualizing this on the future. Doesn't matter how far on the future, but put it there and have the faith that the universe would provide you with the opportunity. Meanwhile, we will keep organizing the pieces to makes this dreams true!

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