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La inspiración también llega bailando!

Learning with Dawer has the best Salsa Experience for you!

All what I can think when dancing, is how much I like to move! I feel expressing with movements the true spirit of my personality, contrasting but mirroring behavior and actions of my own life. Throughout history, dance was probably the first form of expression using movements. I think that in general people realize part of their higher selves while dancing, because this way to move it helps you to experience body strength, courage, love and even sacrifice, the later specially while practicing. In general, personal impulses and efforts become part of dance and it is easy art, that come from personal awareness, to get in that stage of mind.

It is so beautiful the fact that human beings aspire to be something greater than we are, and to know that we can achieve the greatness we desire, if only we could use a little of our imagination when we are lifted above ourselves while dancing. Still some more questions could be made: does the repetition of movements produce deeper effects in our mind and souls? Are our souls strengthened by the decision to become the better version of ourselves? I do think so, but I let you think about this with your open mind. We should learn more about this over the years to come.

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