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Join to keep learning and boost social dancing life

A Results-Driven Training Method

Receive comprehensive new video lessons to learn from every week. Practice solo at home or with dance partners. Schedule training session available to members for extra practice with instructor at a discounted price.


Dancing at the Beach

Meet with other QueWedta Membership holders and companions for a beautiful social dancing at the beach. Get free drinks and snacks, dance to your favorite music by petitions with your favorite people.


Hang out nights with Dawer 

Enjoy countless wonderful nights at main instructor’s home and studio space, with Cuban food and dancing. A private event exclusive for QueWedta members, where you can get match with your next dance training partner. 


Only member discount packages

Discount packages are in and out from the public view as seasons goes by. As a member you always will have access to the full list, just ask for them. Also, as a member, we’ll listen to your financial needs and work with you about payments, creating flexible payment schedules around your purchases. 

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