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These skills make a difference!

    In my opinion, Microsoft Office tools, the Google apps and the Adobe package are the most popular applications because they offer a useful range of creative options to perform. The three sets of apps have online versions that you can access from anywhere, but just the Office and Adobe tools have the local version that you can use without an internet connection.


   Either way, you need to know how to create a beautiful typed letter, how to perform some calculations and graphical analysis, and how to get your hands busy making a video,  creating animations or editing pictures and presenting your ideas to any size group of people. Using my personal experience and the Microsoft Step by Step method I'll get you ready!


    If you already possess basic to intermediate computer skills, but have gaps in your knowledge of certain areas, I can help. Whether you want to learn more about how to effectively use Windows 10, the Microsoft Office Suite of applications, or the Cloud, I can tailor individual tutoring sessions to help you achieve your goals.


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